July 24, 2019 John's Roast Pork named one of the 33 best sandwich shops in the U.S. Thrillist's list included just one of Philly's myriad sandwich titans, but at least it chose a good one The hot roast pork is their specialty. Their roast pork sandwiches — made with an old family recipe and house-roasted … Geno’s. John's Roast Pork Seen on TV shows like Food Feuds and 1 other shows. John's Roast Pork Seen on TV shows like Food Feuds and 1 other shows. Fedoroff, now 32, grew up at Seventh and Washington, four blocks from Pat’s and Geno’s, and made a mean roast pork sandwich of his own. If you're going to Pat's than you must purchase a Geno's sandwich for comparison. John’s Roast Pork 2. 1. Pat's slices their meat on the thin side while Geno's meat is sliced thicker. Out of the five of us in our family, 1 chose Geno's, 2 chose John's Roast Pork, and 2 chose Pat's. What are you looking for? V maintained that Jim’s was still her favorite. This is part five of a series of 10 discovering the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia. Honestly, I’d actually put Pat’s & Geno’s much lower, since I’ve had better cheesesteaks at Giovani, Jake’s Sandwich Board, heck, the … On a side note, John's was the only one that made our cheesesteaks on the grill in front of us, the others had their meat pre-cooked.

Cheesesteak feud - loser. ... Geno's Steaks Philadelphia, PA $ Food Feuds +1. IMO, if you're coming to Philadelphia for your first cheesesteak you go to the original. 10.0 TVFScore. The New York street fairs intrigued him. Jim’s Steaks 3. I also think Geno's meat is lean and therefore has less flavor. Only way to go. Voodoo Doughnut Portland, OR $ Best Bars in America +4. He mused to Stella that there would be a market for that kind of food. Tony Luke’s 4. John's Roast Pork is a roast pork and cheesesteak eatery that was founded in 1930 at its original location on East Snyder Avenue in Philadelphia. Steakhouse Soups. Roast beef smothered in grilled onions and peppers, with horseradish cheese and horseradish mayo served with au-jus for dipping Cuban Pork Sub $7.99 Roasted pork, … Stay tuned for the full ranking, and check out parts one, two, three, and four.Since 1930, the corner of Weccacoe and Snyder Avenues has been home to John’s Roast Pork, a South Philly institution if ever there was one. They were all very good and we ate them all. John's Roast Pork has been around since 1930 and have been voted Best Philly Pork, and have won the "James Beard" award. Pat’s King of Steaks 5. Now, off to John's Roast Pork, where the locals say have the best sandwich in Philadelphia. The eatery is considered a favorite among South Philadelphia locals and has gained mainstream recognition for its roast pork and cheesesteaks. Adding cheese (provolone or cheddar) is extra, as well as spinach. Voodoo Doughnut. Geno's Steaks — 1219 South 9th St. Philadelphia, PA — (215) 389-0659 1219 South 9th St. Philadelphia, PA 19147

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