However, the rain is sporadic and takes turns with sunshine throughout the day.

The birds, tortoises and dazzling marine life are always there, waiting for their photos to be taken.. … As Quasar, we fully support these actions and encourage everyone to be safe, remain at home and weather … As the Galapagos Islands are a year-round destination with mild weather patterns and very few migratory species, the best time to go to the Galapagos may very will depend on what you …

Consider visiting Santa Cruz Island in the months of January, February, March, April, for the best beach weather.Also consider one of our other suggestions for February. The highest amount of precipitation of the rainy season, (this does not mean it rains every day).

Cruises can be discounted by up to … The archipelago experiences very mild seasonal variations throughout. Weather in Galapagos Islands. One of the great things about the Galapagos Islands in April is that the rainy season finally draws to a close during this month.

Weather: wet and humid. January. February is a hot and very dry time for sunbathing in Santa Cruz Island.February is an excellent month for swimming in Santa Cruz Island with very warm sea temperatures. Weather. Feb 23 - Feb 29.

Since there are on average 17 rainy days in Galapagos in February and …

Galapagos Islands Extended Forecast with high and low temperatures. Green sea turtles start laying eggs on beaches.

We sailed on Xpedition from February 4-11 this year and found the weather quite hot and humid. Last 2 weeks of weather.

Warm temperatures are still at their peak during the month, and you can expect sunny weather … Hatching of Giant tortoises’ eggs. Air temperature can reach up to 30°C (86°F), humidity is … February… We saw rain nearby, but never had rain during an excursion.

Sporadic rains, intense sun and hot temperatures. Switch to Celsius/MM.

Galapagos weather in February is pretty hot with temperatures of 25.4° and 26.8° degrees, might be good for outdoors activity.

As the name implies, the Dry Season in Galapagos sees the lower portions of the islands, particularity the coastlines, turn dry and less colorful.As things simmer down on the surface, however, Galapagos … Espanola’s Island : Adult male marine iguanas become brightly colored to attract mates. One of the lovely aspects of visiting the Galapagos … Galapagos Weather: The Arrival of the Dry Season (June – December).

There is no “wrong” time to visit Galapagos: different times of the year have different things to see and do. Average Temperature (°F) ... November or between February and May, you'll find significantly lower costs. Galapagos Facts Month by Month. February is one of the rainiest months and is considered the wet season on the Galápagos Islands. Galapagos & Ecuador – As of this Monday morning, March 16th, the government of Ecuador closed its borders, effectively shutting down tourism and the Galapagos National Park to international travelers. In the evening, it didn't cool down very much …

However, there are a few weather patterns that should be taken into … Galapagos Weather in April. Land birds begin to nest.

The Galapagos Islands are a great destination to visit year-round.

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