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The average wyrm kill, including wyrm bones and its unique drops, is worth either 4,561 when you are not on a wyrm Slayer task, or 4,907 when you are on a wyrm slayer assignment.. 100% [edit | edit source] Normally using the normality relocator or RoD will cause an invincible one to spawn, but in my game, all of the adults are invincible even if they spawned normally. Best weapon to kill Eidolon Wyrm with? comment.

Prior to the update, the Adult Eidolon Wyrm had the highest health of any NPC in the mod, with a whopping 30,000,000 health.

It's supposed to be possible to kill an adult eidolon wyrm with almost any weapon, but there seems to be some sort of strange bug where only invincible adults spawn in the latest version.

best. Is there a good weapon specifically to kill the adult eidolon wyrm with?

share. 100% Upvoted. Drop rates estimated based on 847,282 kills from the Old School RuneScape Wiki drop log project, unless otherwise cited. The Adult Eidolon Wyrm could be considered the Calamity Mod version of the Dungeon Guardian since both are extremely strong enemies that are intended to prevent the player from performing a certain action.