Don't envy other people's successes because they DESERVE it! Jerry Bruckner. We envy other people because deep inside we believe we cannot have what they have. Don’t envy the lives of others, you don’t know the whole story. They have invested time, effort, knowledge, skills, and resources to take actions and make it happen for them. Improve your personal life. You should always believe that you are just as good as anyone else and that with hard work you can be the best you can be. and workplace performance. Retrieved May 18, 2020, from­Envy-­What-­Others-­Have&id=2957919 As well, your appearance, even though it may have little to do with your own efforts, can trigger envy in others. Feelings of envy don’t stem from hating other people or from being an evil person but they usually stem from the inferiority feelings you experience when you see …

Jerry Bruckner.

Don't Envy What Others Have. I’m so often guilty of this. Don't envy the lives of others, you don't know the whole story. Click To Tweet.

Envy, at its most basic, is that feeling of resentment, anger, and disappointment that we don’t have the things that others have. Never envy someone; it elevates them in your mind to being superior to you. That feeling can take many different forms, but in the end, they are all born from the same emotion – a belief that we, personally, cannot have the good fortune than someone else.

I look around and I see other bloggers doing really well and Ithink how I’d like to be like them, having the followers they have, make the money they make.