Atom "My father deserved a second chance." As a youth he was kidnapped and forced to work on a ship for an unspecified amount of time.

Which, given Black Manta's comic book history, is presumably located on a ship or submarine. Doctor Fate, Enchantress "Maybe I should cut it off for you." Superman "Nobody invited you to this planet." Freeze "No, alien, you should be careful." Despite this, Manta remained a murderous criminal. Comic book movies are frequently criticized for trying to include too many villains, and with King Orm already the main big bad of the story, Black Manta can't take center stage, at least in the plot. Black Lightning, Black Manta, Harley Quinn, John Stewart, Vixen "Magic freaks like you belong dead." But Wan adds he figured that fans might get testy if they didn't see Black Manta at all in an Aquaman-focused movie. Black Manta later sold his soul to the demon Neron, who mutated him into a manta-human hybrid creature. The Black Manta suit is a specialized diving suit outfitted with Atlantean technology, used by David Kane. In this new form, Manta indulged in drug smuggling in Star City. Doctor Fate, Mr. He was later reversed back into a human by Aquaman, using the Lady of the Lake's Healing Hand, and cured Manta's autism. The boy who would become Black Manta was an autistic youth who grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and loved to play by the sea. This special knife was first owned and used by Jesse Kane's father (code-named "Manta" for his stealthiness) during World War II. At one point he apparently saw Aquaman with his dolphin friends and tried to signal him for help but was not seen. The Manta Knife is a special dagger that was owned by Jesse Kane's father and was later passed to him, and later on, to his son, David. For decades, Manta’s true name and motives were shrouded in mystery, hidden behind his menacing oversize helmet. Joker "Maybe I've got his corpse in my pocket." Aquaman's greatest enemy is the scourge of the seven seas, David Hyde, whose heart is as cold as the ocean depths he hunts.Considered one of Aquaman’s greatest enemies, Black Manta has a singular hatred for the King of Atlantis. Every now and then we get a comic book movie …

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who starred in Netflix’s Baz Luhrmann show The Get Down, is in early talks to put on his wetsuit for Warner Bros.' Aquaman.. After all, his beef with our hero stems all … Black Manta is the arch enemy of Aquaman.

After becoming "Black Manta", David stores his grandfather's knife in the side of his suit's right boot.