ANGEL'S CREST offers no easy explanation, but once the viewer finds out Teddy's motivation, a dark and enigmatic ending is in the offing. He has no choice—Nate’s mother is an alcoholic. AC100 Flyover.

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In the end, Angels Crest and its insufferable characters make sure we know how clearly all of this heartache and suffering has been so fatefully ordained. AC100 Stickers. Angels Crest, the new mystery thriller from Magnolia Pictures, ... Mercifully, she sews up what remains of the threadbare story with a neat Hollywood ending in 93 minutes. The two were out on a trip when the father decided to go check something out and leave the kid sleeping in the truck. Angels Crest (2011) ** (out of 4) A small community is ripped apart when a father (Thomas Dekker) is charged with negligent homicide after his three-year-old son dies. Ethan takes a brief nature walk into the woods and when he returns his son is nowhere to be found and there is a blizzard coming in. Personal Data. A young father, Ethan (Thomas Dekker) takes his three-year-old son on an excursion into the mountains. The boy’s mother, Cindy (Lynn Collins), a full-time alcoholic, is enraged by her ex-partner’s carelessness. Drone at AC100. Angels Crest is a small, Recession-hit working-class town in the Rockies. His son falls asleep while strapped in the safety seat in back. Created in 1986 the Angeles Crest 100 is a point-to-point 100 mile endurance race starting in Wrightwood (California) and ending at the Loma Alta Park in Altadena. ANGELS CREST is ultimately a story of fate, friendship, and revenge. Couto uses a vibrant style of camerawork and an effective use of flashbacks to piece the story together. His father, Ethan (Thomas Dekker), who is too young to have produced a child on purpose but was a dedicated dad nonetheless, is devastated. Summary: In the working-class Rocky Mountain town of Angels Crest, young father Ethan is doing his best to raise his three-year-old son Nate. "Angels Crest" has a decent enough idea in trying to explore a small town's reaction to an unspeakable tragedy. The son managed to get out of the vehicle, get lost and the next day he is discovered dead. “Angels Crest” centers around a dumb mistake that leads to the death of a 3-year-old boy. Angels Crest isn't the worst movie you'll ever rent (that would be Tree of Life) but it will leave you wishing for more - more story, more credibility, more sense. Cast: Thomas Dekker, Lynn Collins, Jeremy Piven, Mira Sorvino, Joseph Morgan, Kate Walsh, Ameko Eks Mass Carroll Director: Gaby Dellal Screenwriter: Catherine Trieschmann Distributor: Magnolia Pictures Running Time: 92 min Rating: R …

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